Bar & Fabric Reinforcement

Unfortunately, due to the volatile steel market, we cannot guarantee these prices. We therefore recommend that you check the current price with the Hatston Office before placing an order.

We can also cut & bend reinforcing rods to your specification in our workshop.

Rebar – BS 4449 – Hot rolled high yield bars

8 mm Rebar POA POA
10mm Rebar POA POA
12mm Rebar POA POA
16mm Rebar POA POA
20mm Rebar POA POA
25mm Rebar POA POA

For quantities over one tonne, please contact us for a quote.

Reinforcing Mesh – BS 4483

200mm square mesh.

Sheets are 11.52 m2 but we recommend an overlap that leaves 10m2 per sheet.

A142 – 6mm – 4.8 x 2.4m POA POA
A252 – 8mm – 4.8 x 2.4m POA POA
A393 – 10mm – 4.8 x 2.4m POA POA

If you require more than 20 sheets, please ask for a quote.

Tie Bar System

Tie rod for securing formwork, a coarse self-cleaning threaded bar with a core diameter of 15mm and an overall diameter of 17mm.

Tie Rod 15mm per 6 metres per metre
Wing Nut  each
Waler Plate 120x120x12mm  each
Plastic Sleeve 22mm  per 2 metres
Plastic Cone 22mm  each
Tying Wire 1.5mm  per coil


Double Cover Concrete Spacer – a more flexible spacer for vertical & horizontal spacing.

Triple Cover Concrete Spacer – for use in vertical situations, minimising the area of spacer at the form face.

Concrete Fabric Spacer – for spacing fabric at the bottom of slabs.

Wheel Spacer – for spacing vertical reinforcement in columns, etc. The wheels easily clip onto the reinforcement bar.

Clip-On Chair Support Spacer C25/4-16 each
Clip-On Chair Support Spacer C50/4-16 each
Grade Plate Spacer C25/30 each
Grade Plate Spacer C40/50 each
Grade Plate Spacer C65/75 each
Grade Plate Spacer C90/100 each
Double Cover Concrete Spacer C25/30 each
Double Cover Concrete Spacer C40/50 each
Triple Cover Concrete Spacer C35/40/50 each
Concrete Fabric Spacer CFS40/50 each
Wheel Spacer UW20 4-12mm each
Wheel Spacer UW25 4-12mm each
Wheel Spacer UW30 4-12mm each
Wheel Spacer UW40 4-12mm each
Wheel Spacer UW40 12-20mm each
Wheel Spacer UW50 4-12mm each
Metal Screed Chairs each
Metal Screed Chairs each
Metal Screed Chairs each
Safety End Caps each