Dashing/Rendering Aggregates

To see the conditions for the return of dashing chips please view the pdf document.

These materials are derived from naturally sourced minerals and variations in colour may occur, therefore we DO NOT recommend you use different batches on the same property.

Gravel & Shingle products may have traces of naturally occurring iron which on weathering can cause localised staining and we feel you should be made aware of the risk. The main chip concerned is Amber which is included in the following:

Amber, Harvest, Pea, Topaz and Redfen

Orkney Aggregates Ltd cannot accept liability for these problems occurring but can offer advice on suggested remedial work.

Price per 1 Tonne BagPrice per 25kg Bag
Amber -Staining Risk  
Arctic White  
Ashton Cream  
Black & White  
Castlehill Harvest  
Derby Spar (Beige)  
Glenarm White  
Grey Granite  
Harvest -Staining Risk  
Lanark Red  
Lanark Rose  
Nordic White  
Pea – Staining Risk  
Pink Calcined Flint (Cantebury Spar)  
Pink Granite  
Red and White  
Redfen -Staining Risk  
Rose Quartz  
Rosebank Pink  
Sunset Gold – New Product  
Topaz -Staining Risk  
Tuscan Rose  
Yellow Sienna/Dolomite – New Product  

Please note: we do not stock all dashing chips in bulk bags and we would advice you to order 2 weeks in advance to avoid delay.