Granular Fills/Hardcore

Class 1A – 125mm Down – (weight approx. 2 Tonnes/m³)
As per specification for Highway Works.

125mm down. A well graded granular material. Suitable for roads/sites for moderate depth excavations (up to approximately 200mm). Requires a minimal amount of blinding to obtain a smooth finish.

Class 1B – 70-125mm – (weight approx. 1.7 Tonnes/m³)
70 – 125mm. A uniformly graded granular material which compacts well to give a very sound surface. The most commonly used hardcore for roads, sites and foundations.

Class 6N – 75mm Down – (weight approx. 1.7 Tonnes/m³)
75mm down. Suitable as hardcore on roads/sites where excavations are shallow, (up to approximately 120mm).

Sub Base Type 1 – (weight approx. 1.85 Tonnes/m³)
50mm down. Well graded granular material recommended for preparing roads/sites prior to laying tar or concrete. This product compacts well and is easy to grade, giving a smooth, sound surface for roads and drives, excellent for repairing pot-holes etc. Low water absorption.

Fill – (weight approx. 2 Tonnes/m³)
200mm down material, suitable for infill. (moderate/high moisture content).

Top Rock/Shale – (weight approx. 2 Tonnes/m³)
Ungraded fill. Suitable for infill, farm tracks etc where excavations are deep. May contain large slabs of stone up to approx 600mm in diameter, and some clay. We recommend this product is spread with a tracked excavator.

Blinding Material
40 mm down reject material from screening, used for infill, or making hard standings for Portakabins etc. Moderate/high moisture content.

Crushed Concrete
A recycled material: suitable for shallow excavations i.e. roads and driveways. Similar to Class 6N.