All slabs are hydraulically pressed and if properly laid, are strong enough to be driven over by a light vehicle.

Paving Slabs

600×600 and 600×900 slabs are also available in flagstone effect; the technical term is riven. These slabs are available in grey, buff and charcoal. Charcoal is similar colouring to an Orkney flagstone.

Contact Hatston Office for prices.

300 x 300mm – 11 slabs per m²    
600 x 300mm – 5.6 slabs per m²    
600 x 600mm – 2.8 slabs per m²    
600 x 900mm – 1.8 slabs per m²    

Exposed Aggregate Slabs

Available in: silver, peach, charcoal & gold.

600 x 600 x 38mm – Charcoal & Gold POA

These slabs have the top layer of concrete sand-blasted away to reveal the aggregate in the slab. This leaves a very attractive effect which is non-slip.

Tactile Slabs

Designed to assist visually impaired pedestrians by providing them with specific detectable sensory indication of crossing points, potential hazards, platforms and safe routes for travel.

Buff units for use at uncontrolled crossing points.

400 x 400 x 50mm Tactile Mustard POA

Block Paving

Keyblock 60mm available – Non stock item

Driveline 50 – 200x100x50mm – Stock Item, available in the following:

Charcoal POA
Brindle POA
Price per block when purchasing less than m² POA
Kiln Dried Silica Sand – Paviour grouting sand per 25kg bag