Agricultural or Construction

Division Walls

Lifting eye sockets are cast into the top of the walls.
Small – 2.9m long x 1.2m high x 110mm wide (weight 1.38 tonnes)each
Medium – 2.5m long x 1.6m high x 200mm wide (weight 2.6 tonnes)each
Large – 2.5m long x 2.2m high x 200mm wide (weight 2.95 tonnes)each
Lifting Eyes per pair (additional charge)each


Slats designed to support light cattle to a maximum weight of 550kg. BS5502

Available in any length up to 3.05 metres (10 ft)

Slatsper metre

We supply double and single ended slats.

Water Trough

Weight: 480kg
Capacity: approx 270 litres (60 gallon)

Water Trougheach
Water Trough Lideach

Feed Troughs

Cattle Feed Trougheach